The Story Behind the brand

The name Mago originates from an ancient Korean goddess who cared for all natural life on Earth. Mago symbolised the innate natural beauty within us all, with her golden strands of hair representingthe Sun and the energy of new life.

We take great pride in the quality of our product and have invested years of time and lots of resources into its development, so that you and your customers will feel the Mago magic from the very first fitting.

Strand by strand, all Mago products are delicately crafted, from the hair to the string by hand. Magotechnicians and experts work with the spirit of craftsmanship to deliver you and your clients the very best quality hair products.

Because of our commitment to our product development and the need to protect our reputation and high-quality standards, only qualified Mago extensionists are able to fit Mago Hair Extensions.

Live, Beautiful.