Mago Hair Extension Academy – July 2022


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Learn the revolutionary Mago Knot Hair Extension application method. The most natural hair extension on the market because it uses NO glue, NO heat, NO chemicals and fixes directly to the clients natural hair so it can rotate by 360 degrees. Creating the most natural looking hair extensions for your clients.

Why choose Mago

  • Natural extensions that use NO GLUE, NO CHEMICALS, NO HEAT and NO BEADS, JUST a small pre-loaded/pre-tied knot to tie the hair and the extension together.
  • The Mago knot also means less weight on the hair and scalp with a much simpler removal process
  • Confidence in fitting a quality product.
  • The opportunity to be a leader in a revolutionary new hair extension method.
  • FREE Lifetime retraining on the 2nd day of all future training courses.
  • 20% discount on your 1st hair order, once competed the course.
  • FREE access to the Mago Community full of hints and tips with support from the Mago Team and all our extensionists.
  • Support and promotion of you and your salon via our Mago Hair UK social media page.
  • Monthly prize draws for Mago Community Involvement.

“A nice relaxed atmosphere and great training kits. I feel ready and confident to take my new skills and Mago back to my salon.”  Salon Owner, Liverpool.


REMEMBER: You’ll need a model for day 2. If you’re struggling to find a model please do let us know.